Patient Information

Scheduling An Appointment

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call us at 956-504-5360 or 956-504-5625.

Generally patients have made their appointments in advance. There are times that your appointment may be canceled or moved to another day due to unforeseen circumstances or surgical emergencies. We will inform you of such changes at the earliest possible. There are times that certain patients may wait longer than anticipated. On such days the doctor may run behind schedule. If the delay is longer than 30-45 minutes, please feel free to reschedule your appointment for another day and for earlier in the day. We apologize in advance for your inconvenience. Further, if you are seeking a second opinion from another specialist, please let us know in advance so that this may be coordinated for you.

We also expect you to follow-up with us as scheduled. This is to ensure that the treatment we are giving you is achieving the goal for which it was intended. We do believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Please bring your medications with you at the time of your visit and your referral letter. Insurance cards and driver’s license should be available every visit for identification and verification of your insurance status. This will prevent misrepresentation.

Cancellation Policy

If you are not able to follow up, please call us to cancel your appointment at least 48 hours in advance. For office based tests we expect cancellations one week in advance or a charge may be applied to no shows. However, if you choose not to return for follow up with the doctor for results of tests or for further treatment, he reserves the right to terminate his relationship with you.

Requesting Medical Records

Medical records may be requested in writing. You will be charged a fee (State approved fee) for these records. We are continually monitoring the performance of our staff and any thoughts or suggestions regarding improvements will be graciously accepted.

Billing Policy

Running a medical practice these days is a difficult task. The responsibilities of a medical practice include providing quality health care, staying abreast of governmental regulations, specialty society guidelines, media information, the latest research and treatments, litigations issues and changes in the business of medicine and computers. Battling insurance companies form payments is another source of problems. Unfortunately, medical practice is a business as well. Therefore, we request that co-payments and co-insurances be met at the time of your appointment or prior to your surgery. If your insurance carrier requests medical or other insurance information from you, please provide this at the earliest. If a delay on your part results in delayed payment or non-payment of our fees by the insurance carrier, we will be obligated to bill you for the service provided. While we are happy to bill your insurance carrier for the charges, it is ultimately your responsibility to understand the nature of your coverage under your insurance plan. Our billing is dependent on the contracted on the contracted fees paid to us by your insurance carrier. Since these fees vary between insurance carriers and may change on a year to year basis, we may not always know their payments to us in advance. We apologize in advance for any billing errors that may occur. Any monies owed to you will be returned to you at the earliest. If you have serious financial problems, please discuss this with our office manager and/or biller in advance.

Cosmetic Surgery Policy

Cosmetic surgery is generally not covered under insurance plans. Please discuss financial arrangements with our office manager prior to your next visit. The fee for cosmetic surgery is paid entirely in advance. Financing for cosmetic and other surgery can be made available through a third party. The fee for first surgery does not cover for any additional surgery that may be decided upon by the two parties or to address concerns resulting from the first surgery. So that you have a better understanding of these policies, please discuss these with us prior to committing to surgery.


Our office provides on-call service for emergencies, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. Call, 950-504-5360 and the doctor on call will be contacted immediately.


Most medical insurance plans will not usually cover cosmetic procedures. Our office is able to assist you with a financing program for elective medical procedures. Patients may be pre-approved for financing with a low-interest monthly payment plan. Our office manager would be pleased to provide you with further details.

For your convenience, we accept Visa and MasterCard and many Insurance Plans

We thank you for choosing us for your healthcare needs!

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