Sinus Surgery Explained

Sinus surgery is performed to remove blockages and enlarge the openings that drain the sinuses or for removal of tumors/polyps. In general if surgery is necessary for chronic sinusitis then in office balloon sinuplasty in Mcallen TX with or without endoscopic sinus surgery is the first option for treating the condition. However, there are situations where making an incision in the scalp or around the eye or in the undersurface of the cheek may be necessary to open the sinus and remove tumor or fungus or even polyps from these areas. The recovery following these procedures is generally longer than when endoscopic sinus surgery or ballooon sinuplasty is performed.

Risks of Sinus Surgery

While sinus surgery is considered a very safe procedure, there are potential risks in having any form of surgery. The side effects that exist, while rare, include complications relating to the use of anesthesia, infection, bleeding, tear duct injury, scar tissue formation, vision loss and cerebrospinal fluid leakage.