What is Image Guided Sinus Surgery or Balloon Sinuplasty?

Image guided sinus surgery is a technique by which the surgeon can localize exactly where the instrument is inside the sinuses when doing the actual surgery. This is typically reflected in images of a CT scan that was performed prior to surgery or one performed during surgery. It is a very useful technique in potentially reducing complication rates especially in the difficult or complex operation.

This innovative electromagnetic image-guided system provides us with the most detailed, real-time views of the sinus anatomy during the procedure. This allows us to achieve the safest, most thorough surgeries. Using this technology Dr. Khetarpal should have the maximum amount of information about the unique anatomy of each patient and is able to visualize the relative location of the instrument tip within the structure of that particular patient’s sinuses.

Image-guided surgery may be recommended for a number of conditions, including revision sinus surgery, distorted sinus anatomy, extensive polypspolyps and certain locations of the affected tissue within the sinus cavities. The Image Guidance System provides visualization that can aid in the avoidance of nearby anatomy such as the brain and carotid artery as well as prevent orbital injuries.

In-Office CT Scan

Image Guided Sinus SurgerySinus CT imaging is a minimally invasive exam in which images are taken of your sinuses, similar to an x-ray. This exam is helpful in diagnosing sinusitis and many other conditions of the sinuses. During the exam, you will be asked to remain still, while the CT scanner takes images of your sinuses. Sinus CT imaging usually takes about 5 minutes, and does not require an anesthetic. After the exam, patients can immediately return to normal activities. We use a Mini-CAT CT scan so that you can conveniently have your imaging done right in our office. This high resolution machine provides us with immediate imaging and a faster diagnosis. It also emits less radiation than a traditional CT imager and allows you to sit upright in an unenclosed space.