We all know that we need plenty of sleep to remain healthy. While we understand the importance of sleep quantity, we often fail to even consider sleep quality. The quality of your sleep is just as important as how much sleep you get. You could be spending plenty of hours asleep every night, but if you are sleeping poorly, you could experience many of the same complications that occur in people who don’t sleep enough.

Things like snoring and sleep apnea can drastically reduce your sleep quality and lead to numerous physical and mental side effects. Here are a few ways that poor sleep quality affects your health.

Physical Effects

poor sleep quality
Poor sleep quality can cause physical discomfort. If you are sleeping poorly, a low-quality mattress could be to blame. If you are not comfortable, you may not be able to sleep soundly, and you could experience pain.

Failing to get a good night’s sleep may also raise your blood pressure and put you at greater risk of heart disease. It can also have an impact on your hormones and lead to wait gain. Chronic poor sleep affects your metabolism and can even put you at risk for conditions like diabetes. It also negatively impacts the immune system.

Mental and Emotional Effects

Interrupted sleep can wreak havoc on your mood and emotional well-being. You may wake up feeling cranky or irritable, and over time, chronic poor quality sleep can lead to depression.

Whether you are being kept awake by snoring, discomfort, or anything else, the interruptions prevent your body from experiencing deep sleep. Since your body and mind repair themselves during deep sleep, failing to reach this level can cause serious problems.

Treatment for Poor Quality Sleep

Poor quality sleep is often caused by snoring or sleep apnea. In addition to waking you up throughout the night, these conditions can also have a negative impact on your partner’s sleep quality. Don’t let poor sleep quality have a negative impact on your health. For snoring treatment or sleep apnea treatment, contact us today.